Facebook Video Downloader

Private video?

Download facebook videos

Download your favourite facebook videos with just one click. There is no need of any special software. It's now this super easy to download a facebook video to your computer.

  1. Copy video url (on facebook app click share and then copy url)
  2. Paste it in the space above
  3. Click Go
  4. Select quality and click Download!

It can’t get easier than this.

What quality do I select?

It depends on your need. We provide 2 options in most cases: HD and Normal

Please note that not all videos will have an HD option.

How to use facebook video downloader chrome extension?

  1. Add Vidsaver chrome extension to chrome
  2. A Download button will appear in next to videos in facebook
  3. Click on the Download button

The chrome extension will allow you to download even videos that are unable to be downloaded with the url. This include private videos, videos in closed groups and other special videos.

We also have a private video downloader web application if you don’t feel like installing a chrome extensions (The extension is still the best bet though)

How to download private facebook videos?

If you wanna download private videos or the videos which are not accessible with the direct downloader the best option is to use our Vidsaver chrome extension.

Let’s say you want an alternative method. We have a private video downloader online tool which will not require you to download or install anything extra.

  1. Go to the video page
  2. Right click somewhere and click View Page Source
  3. Copy Page Source
  4. Paste it in our Private video downloader
  5. Select quality and Click Download!

Online facebook video downloader

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw a facebook video and wondered how to share it with your friends on whatsapp or upload it into instagram? Have you ever hoped for a facebook video download button? Are you looking for a tool to download facebook videos easily? Look no further, this page is for you.

We have with us an online tool to download facebook video as well as a facebook video downloader chrome extension.

Features of this facebook video downloader

  • It is a simple, easy to use tool to download videos uploaded to facebook social networking site.
  • It is completely free and does not ask you to do any signups or fill any forms to download the fb videos.
  • The website provides the easiest way to download a facebook video.
  • You can also download facebook videos which have a privacy set by the uploader.
  • The tool offers two download qualities:
    1) HD: The video will be of the highest quality. Therefore, the size will also be high.
    2) SD: The quality will be low. This is meant to save the data usage while downloading facebook videos.
  • The facebook video will get downloaded instantly without any hassle, and you can share it to any platform such as Whatsapp, instagram, mail, etc.
  • There is even a facebook video downloader chrome extension available for easy downloading. Just install the extension on your chrome browser and a download button will automatically appear near the facebook video.

Why use Vidsaver?

Surely you'll find other alternatives to what Vidsaver offers, But we pride on being the most userfriendly and most no BS application available online. While other applications demand you download their extension or watch a video ad before you download you favorite facebook video, we keep our video downloader extension optional and has a dedicated online tool to download private facebook videos. We keep our users first and tries to provide the best experiance to all who enters our app. Do not forget to bookmark Vidsaver - The Facebook video downloader appication