How to download facebook videos online?

Facebook is an all-in-one social media platform. You can posts vidoes,gifs,images,audio,notes and many more.Videos are a great way to share information and entertainment in facebook. But facebook does not give the feature to download facebook videos. So in order to do that we have to use diffrent techniques for the same. allows users to download facebook videos online and save it to your computer,mobile or tablet.

Steps to download a Facebook Video :

In order to download a facebook video we need to first get its url. There are a few ways to get the facebook video url :

How to get Facebook Video URL

  • If you are on a Computer you can just right click and press copy video URL or just open the video in theatre mode and copy the Page url from the browser
  • If you are on a mobile device:
    • If you are on browser just copy the page URL
    • If you are on Facebook Application click the small downward arrow on the top-right corner of the video post and click "Copy URL"
    • Download facebook videos on phone

After you get the facebook video URL you'll have to paste it in Download videos page and press download. You can choose quality and start downloading your video

Now if you're downloading PRIVATE facebook videos go to the video page and right click. Select "View page source" from there. and copy the full source code and paste it here : private facebook video downloader online and then press download and choose quality. Now Enjoy your Downloaded mp4 Video!

Video tutorial

If you're still unsure how to download facebook videos you may view the below youtube video: